Finally Up And Running

Hey there, my name is Matt and this is my new blog which is intended to chronicle my build up to and, hopefully, eventual completion of my first (and maybe not only but we’ll have to just see how it goes) IRONMAN triathlon.

This is just a quick post to give a bit of an insight in to who I am and why I’m blogging.

I took up running in 2012 when after a bit of a health scare it became apparent to me that for a 31 year old I was worryingly overweight and unfit. I don’t have any figures but I would guess at 16 stone plus (I’m 6ft 1inch, it wasn’t a healthy 16 stone!) and the 100m sprint was very much my limit. 29th June 2012 I finally got the chance to see The Stone Roses (the proper line up with Reni and Squire, amazing gig) play live and during the epic finale of I Am The Resurrection I was reminded of my Grandfather and the upcoming 20th anniversary of his passing. Given that he was a soldier and a veteran of WW II in my mind a 10k run (very much the longest distance I was capable of at the time) wasn’t the best tribute I could pay to his memory so the toughest challenge and best tribute I could come up with was IRONMAN.

I’m blogging for a couple of reasons, firstly to keep myself focussed on training and keeping my eye on the prize so to speak. IRONMAN is the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever undertaken and preparing for it is almost a full time job in itself so anything that keeps me on track and can make the whole experience a bit more pleasant or sociable is very welcome. Secondly, my Grandfather was someone I very much respected and looked up to as I was growing up and I have been fortunate enough to make some amazing friendships on my journey so far with some very inspiring people who have helped me get to where I am now. I had a lot of problems with bullying as a youngster and it’s only in the last few years that I’ve started to develop self confidence and come out of my shell as the saying goes. If I can inspire someone reading my blog, like my friends have done for me, to take up exercise or do something positive for themselves then that is as good a tribute to my Grandfather as me swimming / cycling / running 140.6 mile, which I still have every intention of doing.

In my blog I’ll cover my training and the events I take part in to prepare for IRONMAN but will also try and cover anything sports / fitness related that I find motivational or interesting. First event of the year is in just under 8 weeks, the North Tyneside 10K.

Thanks for reading


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